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Cooking fire warning after rescue from fire in Wrexham


North Wales Fire and Rescue Service is appealing to residents to ensure they keep an eye on their cooking after crews were called to a kitchen fire in the Wrexham area yesterday (17th September).

Two firefighting crews from Wrexham were called to a property on Rutland Road, Hightown at 12.33hrs after food was left cooking on the hob.

A man and a woman in their late 30s were rescued from the property and were lucky to escape unharmed, with the man treated for smoke inhalation at the scene.

Christ Nott, Community Safety Manager said: "Time and time again we attend house fires which have started in the kitchen - it's so easy to forget your cooking, especially if you are tired, distracted or have been drinking. However, the consequences can be devastating.

"Our message is clear - never turn your back on your cooking, even for a minute. Do not cook after a drink and make sure you have a smoke alarm. We attended to this incident quickly, so fortunately the damage was confined to the kitchen but this could easily have become a fully developed fire as the occupants were totally unaware of the danger they were in.

"Smoke alarms save lives. For a free home fire safety check call our 24 hour freephone number on 0800 169 1234, e-mail  log on to our website or text 88365, ensuring you prefix your message with the word HFSC."

Cooking is a major cause of accidental fires in in the home in North wales - earlier this year North Wales Fire and Rescue Service launched the 'We don't want to come dine with you - Think Safe, Cook Safe!' #wedontwanttocomedinewithyou campaign to help drive down the number of cooking related fires in the region and educate local residents about the importance of cooking safely.

Top tips for safety in the kitchen:

If you leave the room take the cooking off the heat

Don't use matches or lighters to light gas cookers. Spark devices are safer

Always make sure that any handles are turned away from the edge of the cooker

Keep the over, hob and grill clean - a build up fat and grease can easily catch fire

Never hang anything to dry above the cooker

Take care if you are wearing loose clothing as it can easily catch fire

When you've finished cooking make sure everything is turned off

Turn off electrical appliances when they are not being used

Never use a chip pan - use a thermostatically controlled deep far fryer

Never cook after drinking- get a takeaway instead

Get fitted with smoke alarms - they are free of charge and could save your life.

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