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Road safety

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service together with our road safety partners (North Wales Police/Ambulance/Bikesafe and Dangerpoint), are involved in educating drivers, in particular young drivers under the age of 25 about the consequences of poor or inappropriate driving.

Young drivers only make up 10% of the driving population, however, 25% of all drivers killed in road traffic collisions (RTC's) are aged between 17-25 and road traffic collisions are the biggest killer of this age group.

We aim to educate and inform young drivers and passengers by engaging with them in different ways :- Pass Plus Cymru, the "Deadly Impacts" road safety show, which is delivered to schools and colleges across North Wales, to students who are driving or about to drive.

In 2014-15, 3,750 students received the "Deadly Impacts" presentation.  This is a hard hitting, sometimes graphic presentation which highlights the tragic consequences of fatal road traffic collisions to young drivers and passengers.  In addition, we carry out Outreach activities, whereby we will engage with young drivers with our Subaru Impreza Sti and discuss road safety along with North Wales Police officers, in order to "break down barriers" and encourage responsible driving.

Click here to view our Welsh Fire and Rescue Services' Road Safety Strategy 2015 - 2020

If you require further information regarding road safety, you can contact the Central Community Safety Department on 01745 352 693.

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