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Safety warning following electrical fire


Officers are warning residents of the dangers of electrical fires following a recent fire in Llanrwst


Firefighters were called to a fire at a property on Ffordd Carmel, Llanrwst on 18th November at 958hrs.


The incident is thought to have been caused by an electrical fault in a tumble dryer and the fire was confined to the utility room.


A man and a woman in their early 60s were advised by fire and rescue service control operators to evacuate the property, and they were unharmed.


The woman had a medical condition not related to the fire and was given oxygen therapy by firefighters whilst awaiting arrival of paramedics.


Stuart Millington, Senior Fire Safety Manager, said: “This incident shows how  important it is that people keep themselves safe electrically - especially during the festive period when electrical incidents are known to double. Please follow our safety advice.”


Top tips for electrical safety


  • Never overload tumble dryers, clear filters regularly and do not set the programme too long
  • Switch off and unplug unused electrical appliances before going out or going to bed – including Christmas lights
  • Don't overload plug sockets and regularly check for worn or frayed wires
  • Do not leave electrical items such as mobile phones, tablets and e-cigarettes charging for long periods and always use the correct charger
  • Keep appliances clean and in good working order and follow manufacturers instructions
  • Consider using a Residual Current Device, which protects against electric shocks and reduces the risk of electrical fires.


"Taking the above precautions should reduce the risk of an electrical fire – but residents should also ensure they have a working smoke alarm installed to give an early warning of a fire,” said Stuart.


 “But why not give our ‘ampage’ calculator on our website a go - it tells you if you are overloading your sockets and helps you to stay electrically safe.”


North Wales Fire and Rescue Service offers free home safety checks, where a member of the Service will visit your home, give fire safety hints and tips, help you to formulate a fire escape plan and fit new alarms - all free of charge. This service is available to all residents in North Wales.

To register for a free home fire safety check, please call the 24 hour free hotline on 0800 169 1234 or visit .

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