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Multi-agency collaboration averted potential flooding in Beaumaris


Multi-agencies across North Wales were on standby over the weekend following flood warnings and alerts issued by Natural Resources Wales.


One of the areas where flooding was avoided due to effective multi-agency working was in Beaumaris were high levels of water in the castle moat threatened to flood the high street.


Kevin Roberts, Senior Operations Manager at North Wales Fire and Rescue Service explained: “Our resources were in attendance in Beaumaris from 13.59hrs on Saturday 5th December until 06.56hrs the following morning, with a high volume pump removing water away from the moat to ensure that the water did not breach the moat defences which had already been supplemented with sandbags as a precaution.


“We were pumping over 6,000 litres of water per minute away from the area and were successfully able to avoid a breach ensuring that nearby premises on the high street were not affected.


“What worked particularly well was our relationship with the local flood warden who was able to highlight the issue, enabling us to attend to provide early intervention.”


Local Beaumaris flood warden and Town Mayor Jason Zalot said : “We had made preparations the day before as a precaution and we continued to monitor the level of the water near the castle. On Saturday, we could see that the moat water level was rising quickly and a fire and rescue service representative was there assessing the situation. Water was accumulating fast and we quickly realised the gravity of the situation and the fire and rescue service mobilised resources to help.


“The response from the fire and rescue service was fantastic. Without the attendance of the high volume pump I am certain the town would have flooded as huge amounts of water were pumped away from the castle moat to prevent it from overflowing into the town.”


When flood warnings and alerts are in place, residents are advised to keep checking the Natural Resources Wales website at for advice on what to do before, during and after a flood, or follow @NatResWales for the latest information and warnings.


Members of the public are advised to stay away from fast flowing watercourses and not to drive through flooded roads.

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