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Revolution in young driver education


Former young homeless people have taken part in a revolutionary project aimed at raising road safety awareness amongst young adults.

The Revolution project is a joint initiative between North Wales Fire and Rescue Service and North Wales Police which offers a proactive approach to road safety education aimed at 16 - 25 year olds.

The young adults, all from Supported Living Schemes managed by Clwyd Alyn Housing Association, attended a two-day Revolution course held at Chirk Fire Station

The interactive course covers various aspects such as the consequences of fatal or serious injury road traffic collisions on the drivers, their passengers, their family and friends as well as the type of psychological, punitive and financial impacts being involved in a road traffic collision can bring.

Workshops included role play with an actor and demonstrated a realistic road traffic collision scene and the measures taken to extricate a person from it. Students on the course were also given a project to complete as a team over the two days.

Welsh Ambulance Services, the Casualties Union, Traffic Officers Wales, and staff from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service support staff provided input into the course with much of the learning based around the five main causes of fatal road traffic collisions in Wales, known as the 'Fatal 5' - speeding, alcohol and drugs, mobile phones, seat belts and dangerous and antisocial driving.

Amy Croxton, Revolution Project Co-ordinator said: "I am glad to say that the course was a great success.

"Emergency services attend countless tragedies involving young drivers every year - road traffic collisions are the biggest cause of death among young people, and this innovative course really does raise the awareness of road safety amongst the young adults we see.

"This course looks at engaging with our young people in a proactive way to help them realise the consequences of their actions behind the wheel, and I believe that these young people will feel that they have gained something positive from the Revolution project and feel that it will be of benefit to them in the future."

Ade Harvey, Life Skills Coordinator for Clwyd Alyn Housing Association said: "The Revolution young driver course provides a powerful experience for residents. We have had some excellent feedback from those who have attended saying how the training course has made a lasting impression on them.

"The course featured video footage of both real and simulated road traffic collisions and gave those attending a chance to act-out both a 'staged' rescue and also take the part of Police Liaison Officers breaking the news to an actress that her daughter and granddaughter had been killed in a collision."

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