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‘Keep to the fire safety regulations’ reminder for shop owners this festive season


North Wales Fire and Rescue Service is reminding local shop owners and business to be responsible and ensure they adhere to the fire safety regulations this festive season.


At this time of year, many businesses such as shops and suppliers have more stock flow than usual, with an increase in sales and demand for supplies - but it is vital that business remain vigilant and ensure that fire safety regulations are not overlooked.


Head of Business Fire Safety Paul Jenkinson said: “We are encouraging shop owners to ensure they do not contravene fire safety regulations as a result of their increase in stock over Christmas and during the January sales. 


“The last thing anyone wants is to risk a fire which could not only damage your business and disappoint customers, but even worse, could risk injury or threaten lives.


“Our message is simple – do not keep excessive stock and be aware of taking appropriate fire safety precautions.


“Our top tips are:


*Keep all fire exit routes clear

*Ensure all exit doors open freely

*Do not block any alarm call points or fire extinguishers.


“Further information and advice for businesses is available at”

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