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Fire at Kronospan - update from Kronospan 15.1.20


North Wales Fire and Rescue Service (NWFRS) Firefighters remain on site at a fire in Kronospan, Chirk. NWFRS crews are working with staff on site and are expected to remain on site throughout today. Kronospan is optimistic that smoke from the incident will reduce and disappear over the next few days.

Whilst the fire has been visible on occasions, it has been under control since its outset, and has been carefully managed by the Fire Service and our own personnel to reduce in intensity and size, but this is a time consuming process.

Kronospan expresses its thanks to the efforts of NWFRS personnel who have tackled the incident.

We recognise the concerns expressed by residents, but would like to reassure people in Chirk that this fire involves raw timber on the Logyard and whilst the smoke it has created is problematic, hence the advice to keep doors and windows closed, the material involved does not create a health risk.

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