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Tumble Dryer warning following a fire in Ruthin


Crews from Ruthin and Denbigh were called to an incident on Llanfair Road, Ruthin at 7.03pm last night (Monday 21st February).

The fire started in the garage. There was a 100% fire damage to the garage and the greenhouse. The fire spread to a vehicle that was damaged by fire, heat and smoke and to the porch of the house which was damaged by fire.

The cause of the fire is thought to be a fault in the tumble dryer.

Simon Bromley, Community Safety Manager for Conwy and Denbighshire  said: “I would advise occupants to take a few steps to ensure that they use their tumble dryers in a safe way. These steps include never overloading the tumble dryer, cleaning the filters regularly and not setting the programme for too long. Make sure that you only use the tumble dryer when you are at home and awake. Don’t leave them on overnight or when you go out.

"By carrying out the above precautions you should reduce the risk of a tumble dryer fire. However, you must also ensure that you have a working smoke alarm installed and maintained as they give early warning of a fire.


“In the event of a fire, it is extremely important to get out of the property as quickly as possible and not return into a dangerous area for any reason.


“Smoke alarms give an early warning signal which allows everyone to evacuate as soon as possible. Smoke can be extremely toxic and just a few breaths can be lethal - going back in to save possessions or pets is just not worth the risk.”

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