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Standards Committee

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee was established in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 2000 and its Terms of Reference were set in 2003. Its duties include the consideration of complaints against Authority members referrred to it by the Ombudsman and the granting of dispensations. It also advises the Authority on issues to do with standards.

The committee consists of six members, four of whom are independent. The Fire and Rescue Authority representatives on this Committee cannot be an office holder on the Authority. The Chair and Deputy Chair are drawn from the independent members.

The committee meets twice per year but may meet more frequently when necessary.

You can access here:

Committee Terms of Reference

Standards Committee Meetings


Standards Committee Membership

Independent Members 
S Ellis
J Hughes
G Murgatroyd
H G Pritchard

Representatives of the North Wales Fire and Rescue Authority

John Brynmor Hughes

Marion Bateman

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