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Welsh Language

Welsh Language

Our Commitment to the Welsh Language

At North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, we believe that in the conduct of public business in Wales, the English and Welsh languages should be treated on the basis of equality.

We serve a rich diversity of communities, against a backdrop of significant natural and cultural heritage.

We seek to provide services equitably to all areas of North Wales. The Service acknowledges its duty towards its staff too, most of whom are residents of North Wales, and who themselves reflect the linguistic and cultural make-up of their own communities.

We pride ourselves on having taken the issue of language seriously over many years. By acknowledging our moral and legal duties to protect the cultural heritage of the area and to meet the expectations of the local community, we also acknowledge the positive service benefits of conducting our public business in both languages. Saving lives and reducing risk are at the heart of our mission - the language issue is vital to its success.

We therefore encourage members of the public when getting in touch with us to speak their preferred language - whether they have a general inquiry, during a safe and well check or in an emergency. 


Here are some of our members of staff taking part in St. David's Day celebrations in Wrexham.



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