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Void / Derelict Properties

Research has proven that badly managed unsecure premises can result in many repeat fires and crime related incidents and are an unnecessary strain to Police and Fire and Rescue Service resources.

These premises can become a magnet for crime and anti-social behavior and are clearly an eyesore and nuisance for neighboring communities. Most Local Authorities have arrangements in place to secure empty properties using powers under the Miscellaneous Provisions Act.

We recognise that securing empty properties can often be costly but, as the agency that typically has to deal with the consequences of an empty insecure property in the form of a fire, void properties still remains a very high priority for the Arson Reduction Team.

To reduce the risk of your premises and land being used for antisocial behaviour/crime and illegal fly tipping, we suggest you:

  • Secure the buildings doors and windows with appropriate metal boarding
  • Remove valuables such as furniture to deter burglaries and theft
  • Remove any rubbish from the site which will act like a magnet for fly tipping and a playground for the local youths
  • Continue to maintain the building and perimeter fences
  • Remove fly posters and remove/paint over any graffiti
  • Fit burglar alarms and external lighting
  • Make regular visits and remove any build up of junk mail
  • Consider the disconnection of the premises utilities
  • Ask any neighbours to the premises to act as your eyes and ears supplying your details to representatives of the authorities to assist in the premises management.
  • Check for Local Authority grants to bring the building back in use
  • Consider the use of anti climbing paint
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