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Student safety

Student safety

Students - Stay safe

Hey students! We're sure your brains will be crammed with all the facts and figures from your studies, but please do try to keep in mind some basic fire safety info to keep you and your fellow housemates / roommates as safe as possible.

Student safety info

Student Booklet

Please take a look at this booklet, designed to help you prevent fires and also to help cut down on false alarms in student halls of residence.

If you live in private rented accommodation, your landlord has an obligation to keep you safe from fire. You should have working smoke alarms fitted, close fitting doors and adequate means of escape from all areas.

Free alarm check for those in private rented houses

We offer a free safe and well check to ensure that your rented homes are as safe as they should be.

This service is completely free, and is a great way to help make sure you have the best chance of escaping should the worst happen and a fire breaks out in your home.

General info

General tips on safety in the home

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